Most Copied Products

Are you a woman who is fascinated of bags, it is either imitation or authenticated?

Before when I was still working and was so naive with brands and its authentication, I thought that a coach bag, which cost a thousand or more, is already genuine. I never thought that it was an imitation. Oh well, I always bought Philippine brand though but they said the imported has better quality and such. When authentications are imitated, it could mean the economy is going down since consumers will just buy a cheap coach bag. Mainly the products that are counterfeited are bags, wallets watches and jewellery. And most of the counterfeit products are through online shopping because they shipped it directly to consumers and it would not be easy to trace and stop the transaction. Although they are trying to check the websites that sell stuff and would report whoever are selling imitations or counterfeits products.

Here are the 10 counterfeited products in the US that I found in YAHOO.

1. Handbags/Wallets

2. Watches/Jewelry

3. Wearing Apparel/Accessories

4. Consumer Electronics/Parts

5. Footwear

6. Pharmaceuticals/ Personal Care

7. Optical Media

8. Computers/ Accessories

9. Labels/Tags

10. Toys

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