Gluta, Hoping For A Lighter Skin

Last Thursday, my friend and I went out to catch up, and she was able to shop for me and the kids, a shirt with back less for Mj and a sleeveless for me, a stuff toy also for Faith. We also bought a Cosmo Skin for us a gluta capsules that yeah it helps my skin to lighten or at least makes it smooth. The thing for this stuff is the amount. It is very expensive, for 2 bottles it is P2, 000.00 so what my friend and I did was she paid it half and half from me, and the contents were shared half as well. It is better that way so it is not that heavy in my pocket. Now I am enjoying taking it every day I know it is not enough because the capsules would reach up to 15 days only. It was a good timing that the in charge of selling Cosmo Skin in the mall messaged me and informed that she sells Cosmo Skin for only cheaper price. Great!

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