Preparations For Getting Driver’s License

I can remember when I was learning to drive.  I was not so much worried about the driving part; I was much more worried about the paper test.  I put in long hours preparing for the written driving exam and even tried to see if there were practice tests online.  I found the driving part was not that hard after I got over my nervousness and I learned on a manual transmission.  I am sure that driving an automatic is much easier.

So when preparing for the driving portion of the test I had no worries.  I mean I had a good instructor and was fairly confident in passing that part.  So it came time to take the written test, I was looking for sample tests  and found  DMV guide from dmvcheatsheets.  Finding this website and the information available from them went a long way preparing me for the written exam and helping me pass.

Now, I am a skilled driver, well at least I don’t scare my passengers.  I am no longer dependent on public transportation.  My kids are a lot happier that they can ride with me to their activities and the mall, instead of being packed in with stranger on a bus or having to call a taxi.

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