Layered Hair With Bangs

My niece has been bugging me for a new look this year. She has been asking me to finance her of a new hair. But the perming was so expensive so I told her if she wants me to pay for her hair done, it should be on my own terms and that’s only for hot oil or treatment and it should not be in the salon in the mall, it should be just a salon where I can afford for a treatment. The other day, she planned for a haircut, but since it is only a haircut, I agreed to have her hair cut in a Korean salon, which has a branch in the mall. The style was layered and has bangs, they also have it curl, it looks good on her though and I was tempted to have a haircut but we were in a hurry at that time to get my car in the gasoline station. So we went off to get my car.

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