Truly For Keeps

My friend just offered me a gold jewelry; I was so intrigued with her offer so I told her to wait until March since the birthday of my two kids are approaching. Mj and Faith’s birthday is just a week apart and so now I am already thinking what to get them, something they could keep forever and would reminds them anytime how much I love them both. I thought that Monogram Name Necklace for Mj would be a good idea and bracelet for Faith would be great. I actually looking for something like it now and I hope to purchase it before their birthdays. Aside from the necklace, I will also buy Mj a new bike, she already stopped swimming but still no one can stop her being a sporty kid, she loves to bike and skating as well, she told me that her and her Ate Mariel will be sharing each other and so they could bike around the village. I will not throw a party for my eldest since mountain bike is a little pricey, maybe we will just celebrate it with the whole family in the beach and at the beach I will give her the necklace that I will buy for her. I am sure she would be happy about it because she keeps on borrowing my gold necklace. And she is already a teenager now, and a little bit girly so I guess necklace would be appropriate for her.

My youngest daughter will receive a bracelet from me as well but of course she could not wear it always. I would maybe keep it first then I will just let her wear it if there’s an occasion that she needs to attend to. On the second thought, she is always invited for a party so I guess she will be wearing the bracelet most often. Unlike Mj, I think I will be throwing a party for Faith since as I said she likes party. She loves party hats and bubbles as well.

Seriously, I am really investing jewelry, I already have one gold though and I am looking forward for more. And it will start on March when I have enough budgets for it. They said jewelry especially gold can really help you when in need as the value of the gold will never depreciate it will go up after so many years. But the necklace and the bracelet that I will give to my kids are something valuable even though it is only a monogram name necklace and a bracelet, with their initials on it, they could assure that the one who gave them that jewelry is the one who truly care and love them.

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