Clothes And Not Toys This Time

Compared from last years, I choose to pick clothes this season as my gifts from my sisters to my nieces, nephews and daughters. Yes I did not buy toys for the kids because I realized that they already have many toys that they got from their exchange gifts at school so to make a change. I picked mostly shirts and a pair of jeans for my nieces and nephews, including my Faith. I got Mj a new watch from Sketchers; she wanted so much a Barbie doll the latest one but I did not agree. I mean she is already a teenager so I guess it is better to give her something she could use. I also give my niece Mariel a new sling bag. So far they love what they receive especially my niece, now that 2012 is almost over yet I would still spend more than my budget because it is Mj and Faith’s birthday in the coming months.

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