Still Shopping For Christmas Party

And so we went shopping last Sunday but too bad my eldest daughter was not included because of our limited budget for the day. I have to pay our PLDT my DSL since it was already my due last weekend. We choose a yellow dress for Faith instead of green; it was because we could not see any green that suits her in the mall. Yet she wants the sparkly pink and no matter how we explained to her that she could not get the sparkly pink because of their color coding at school, their section was requested to wear the color green or yellow. She was complaining at first but she could not do anything, she was trying to convince me to buy a white dress but still I have to answer her yes. Good thing that the sandal that she tried on has the combination of color pink so she was kind ‘a okay with that, in just a while. The mall was bombarded with crowd but not much compared to previous years. The city has 2 mall located in the north so the people from there, already have the options not to go to downtown area or to the south.

Tomorrow, after Mj’s exams, two of us we shall be heading to the mall again to buy her stuffs. So I am a bit busy here because I am a mom of two kids, oh not only two but three including my niece who lives here with me already.

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