How To Become A Model?

Okay, you all know I like to wear nice close, dress up and look good. I have never thought of doing it for a living. Have you ever thought of being a model? I never really gave it any thought for myself, but maybe for the girls. My eldest is tall and slender, like a lot of the top models and my youngest daughter has a beautiful smile and an engaging personality. She is also a “camera” hog and never fails to strike a pose when I get out the camera. So, it makes me wonder if these traits could translate into a career in modeling.

How to become a model is all I want to know  and what it would take for my girls to be successful if they decided to career in modeling. I know that the little one loves being in front of a camera and both of them love dressing up and role playing. Maybe I can convince them to do a “modeling show” and film it.

As for me, I would like to try but don’t really know if I am the type. I mean I like having my photo taken, but my husband tells me I am always tilting my head to the side when I am having my photo taken. Would this work for me as a model? I guess I would need formal training, as would the girls, and even though it might be hard work I bet modeling classes would be fun.

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