Shopping For Their Upcoming Christmas Party

Its Christmas time once again and my kids were bugging me to shop for them for their upcoming Christmas Party plus gifts and the like. I supposed to shop next week for them but I guess I only have limited time. I would be very busy by next week shopping for Christmas Eve so I would possibly shop for them by tomorrow and that depends on my financier.

My youngest daughter Manito is a boy, and he asked these little cars.  I have seen some in the malls and it only cost like a P100.00. She is also requested to wear something green for their color coding. Meanwhile my eldest daughter told me what she wants to wear, I am sure she would choose a pair of jeans again and some fashionable shirts. Their gifts should costs P150.00; I wonder if what we would get for P150.00 I hope Mj will not pick that is more than of the amount requested to them.

So tomorrow we will hit the road early so we can get to SM Lanang early and that we can go home also early.

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