Coin Purses For Sale

This hobby was started when one of the parents at Faith’s school teaches them how to make a coin purse out of beads. The beads were free and so they grabbed the opportunity. My sister was able to make like 3 or 5 coin purse so that first experience, lead my sister to pursue. My other sister was amazed too, so sister Merlyn taught her how, now they are partners for this small business. I purchase some of the coin purse to be given away to some of my friends.


These 3 coin purses were already given away to my friend Joyce and her two kids. I was so happy that Joyce was able to come here last Sunday since it has been like weeks that we were not able to see each other.


And these big wallets and coin purses are already sold out, one parent from school ordered 10 big wallets and 6 coin purses.

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