Cocktail Dress This December

My niece will be having a Christmas party soon in which she should wear cocktail gown. She said that her Christmas party and JS prom will be held on the same day this month so there will be no more JS Prom on February since they will be all busy with their graduation day. She borrowed me one of my dresses but sooner she told me that their teacher won’t allow Sunday dresses.

We were already getting frustrated especially I am because if we can’t find cocktail dress, I will be the one again to spend to rent a gown, which I can’t do for now since I have so many things to prioritize this month. So I tried to look for means so we can have a cocktail gown for free, then I suddenly remember my friend Joyce, she has lots of cocktail gowns from her work before, I asked her if we could rent one of those for a minimal cost but she replied to me immediately that I can just borrow it for free and I will just have to return it immediately. I am just so thankful that she offered me her gown for free, now we are safe.

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