Still Spinning On My Head

I used to do club hopping before, especially when we do overtime at work. After the overtime as we were already starving, we opt to go to a club that serves dinner and as we ate, a live band would sing. I could still remember I was so impressed with their base; the one who would play the guitar would always swing me on, most especially if he used the PRS electronic guitar, the strumming was so good to my ear, some could dance and or just swing their head when he was there in the stage enjoying his guitar. Whenever we go to that restaurant or club, we always wait for him and his band to play. One friend of mine introduced us to him, but that was it, no more no less besides even though he possessed the most beautiful face in the world, I was not after his looks but the way he play the guitar. I wonder where he is now; maybe he is already married or gone abroad to perform. I am not sure, yet the way he plays the guitar still spinning on my head.

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