My Nephew Bought A Polo Shirt And Shoes Through The Money I Gave Him

It was my nephew’s birthday last December 07, my sister is already telling me about what he wants. It was so abrupt and I didn’t have budget for his gift. Because I was thinking of shopping some Christmas Gifts and not a birthday gift for him. So I just gave my sister P500.00 pesos and he could buy whatever he wants. Yesterday was the time he went shopping with his mom, he bought a polo shirt and a shoes for him so he could use it on their Christmas Party at school. They just sew his old pants for him to match with the polo shirt, I felt pity for my nephew though but sad to say I really didn’t have budget at all. Anyway, I would surely give him some money on Christmas so he could shop for a pair of jeans. How I wish I have all the money and treasures so I could give them some money anytime and every day.

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