Nail Art, Failed!

I went to the nail art shop last night to update my nail colour. I supposed to only have a plain nail colour but I was drooling of this certain art so I told the in-charge of that style yet another colour. The one who attended me is not the one who usually do my nail colour, I fell asleep when the one who entertained me started to clean my nails, I didn’t complain about that. It is only when I woke up, she did not copy the art that I showed her, it was too different and I don’t understand it at all. My being so shy attacked me when I saw her work so I didn’t complained at all, I just watched her and yet she still did not noticed that what she is doing is totally not the right one. Anyway, I will just choose my nail artist when I go back there next time, definitely I will not choose the one who entertained me yesterday.

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