Jewelry That Helps My Health

When I go out I like to dress nicely and wear jewelry that accentuates what I wear.  I do not wear a lot of jewelry and I really prefer a simple basic design when I do, but it must also be attractive.  Magnetic or copper bracelets came to my attention recently.  I have heard that they are thought to have health benefits, plus they really suit the style of jewelry I like to wear.  I always say I am a simple woman, my husband will say there is no such thing as a simple woman, but I do like the way that copper and magnetic jewelry looks and the thought of helping my health really is attractive.

When I go out with my husband, and I wear a magnetic or copper bracelet, it not only makes me look good it makes me look and feel good.  They make good gifts for friends and family.  When we watch sports on television, I have seen athletes wear this type of jewelry.

Being healthy and looking good, who can beat that combination? I know that my husband likes the way I look, it makes me feel more loved and appreciated every time he tells me so.  The jewelry is an accent to my total appearance.

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