Enhancing My Being

Some women are not so blessed with big and formed bust, thus, they would go to plastic surgery for breast enhancement. I am not sure how they would insert a silicone to it but some really works and was satisfied with the result but others were failed, and it was too late for them to make it right because their health is already affected through it.

When I was still slimmer, I always wished to have a big bust, I even used wired and bra’s that has big cup so I would look like I have one that is noticeable. I tell you, I really want to buy and wear breast forms before because it was almost flat! But of course, I don’t have budget to purchase one for me that time so I have no choice but to get satisfied of what I got. Later, I came to realized that there’s nothing wrong with my bust because I got the size I want when I gained weight after I delivered my youngest. Now, my friend is envious of this so called blessing, I told her then that she just has to wait until she gain weight.

However, you may think that I don’t have issue anymore, you are wrong because since I was contented with my bust, I am also having problem with my weight as you see I get too big that I need to wear a corset. But how could I wear that when I need to undergo corset waist training? How I wish there is an agency or workshops that offer like that here in the country so I could look like I am reducing weight at all. And I guess I could earn from this too if I undergo myself a training for it, I could help those performers wearing corsets on the stage plus I could benefit from it too, who knows I will get free tickets during their performance aside from the income I will be making from them.

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