The Person Behind Carmina’s Wedding Dress


Photo not mine

Carmina and Zoren Legaspi have already tied the knot last November 15, it was a surprised wedding and the bride was so clueless with all the set up. She only thought she would go for a photoshoot of one of their endorser. But even it was a surprised wedding, the wedding gown of Carmina is still so stunning, it even fitted on her perfectly. The design is so simple but classy, her wedding gown is semi sheath, and the details is placed on top of the dress. The person behind Carmina’s wedding dress is Paul Cabral, said they have a hard time on the wedding gown since Carmina is clueless about the wedding. Carmina only have the fitting on the lining thought that she just have to wear it for photoshoot for ice cream, she was even confused what is the connection of the gown to the ice cream yet she still fit it and nothing more, no comment whatsoever.

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