Honest Service

We were shopping for gift wraps for my little gifts to my friend the other week. When I paid for my gift wraps, I saw that the cashier would give me a change that is more than a hundred while I only gave her P100.00. I told her then that my money is only P100.00, the cashier bewildered and gave me the change, which is for P100.00 but she instructed to write my name and contact number so if she will have over funds on that day, she will know who to give the over fund. It was nice of her to suggest that while she can just be mum about it. She messaged me the next day and told me that she has over funds, I gave her P500.00 and not P100.00 and she instructed me to claim it at customer service. I really did not expected it that she would still give me what is supposed to be mine, I salute the cashier and the company for their honest service. I worked in a mall before and the management usually don’t give a damn to return the change to the owner especially if that is already like a day or two instead if the cashiers were over funded, they would charge the cashier for negligence but the service of this mall enlightened me that even under circumstances, their honesty to the customers is their priority.

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