Sarong Ties For Your Sarong

My family (except for my husband) loves the beach and water. My eldest daughter has won medals in several swimming competitions. One reason my husband does not really like the beach is that he sunburns so easily. He always wants us to cover up when we are out of the water, to reduce our exposure to direct sunlight.

One way he suggested to do this is with a sarong. Sarongs are cool and cover the skin, reducing direct sunlight exposure. But how do you keep a sarong on? I have tried just tying the ends together, but they often will slip. Sarong ties work much better. They will hold your sarong in place not matter how active you are. They are easy to tie and easy to remove when you are ready to jump into the water.

Now we have a way for me and my girls to enjoy the beach while my husband hides in the shade with a book and a beverage. Do you think I can get him in the water? He does swim and yes men can wear sarongs too, but I am sure he will settle just for a t-shirt and shorts. Besides, we girls look more sexy in a sarong. What do you think?

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