Carmina’s Wedding Dress

I love to see wedding gowns, it was then my dream to wear one before and it was realized when my husband married me on September, 2009. Recently, it was blurted in the news, the surprised wedding of Carmina and Zoren, Zoren surprised her partner for a wedding, Carmina thought they will just go for a shooting but when they arrived at the venue, it was their real wedding that awaits her. First, Zoren surprised her of a proposal and let her wear the engagement ring but later the kids were like saying; they will get married today as in now! Then Carmina just saw all her relatives and the relatives of Zoren and her closest friends, they are all waiting for her for march the aisle, it was indeed a lovely wedding and it also turned out to be the grandest and talked of the town.

I love the wedding gown of Carmina, she wore the sheath or column wedding dress, it was plain in the lower area but the details is on the top, (the upper part) it was so simple but classy. ( I would post her wedding gown some other day) I also love the wedding gown of Rica and of course Judy Ann Santos.

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