My Drawer Is Now Useful With My Fashion Accessories

It has been a while that I did not used the drawer of my closet, I mean I put some stuff there but there’s only like few times that I came to look what’s inside because mainly I just put some useless, not functioning bling bling, they needs repair or the other earrings are missing. Recently when I arranged some stuff in our house, I found out that I still have the key to my drawer. I have mentioned here before that some of my bangles are missing, some fashion earrings and the like. I thought maybe this time I have to put those useless things out in my drawer and gather all my bangles to hide it in there, including my engagement ring, wedding ring and the gold necklace (just a small karat) I have some little, made of glass jewellery storage, it is just fit for my two rings and necklace. I cleaned the drawer, threw the useless things out and put my important jewellery including the fashion ones, and not only that, the envelope of Mj, which contained her savings is now safe inside the drawer because I have a key to it that I, can only access.

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