Life Of A Shopper

I love to shop; I mean I believed all the women love to shop. Just last month, I incurred more than my budget because of shopping oh well spare me it was my birthday and I guess I have all the right to shop. You believe it or not I shopped from my apparel down to shoes, I just got the sandals and it is semi flip flop. As a wise shopper I also look for freebies or discounts when shopping, especially when I have to shop online. I heard it from a friend that there’s a website where you can find stores that has deals and coupons for the month, and you heard it right I will not slipped it away. I have to grab it otherwise I will miss half of my life if I won’t. According to my friend who chases coupons, could it be online or in a shopping mall, there’s a different thrill when you have those items for free or even just a discount from a certain dress that you ought to have!

There are times I wonder if I could shop like a bunch and I don’t have to mind the bills at all, like you don’t care at all as long as you have plenty of shopping bags you are carrying when you go out in the mall. But I know you can’t have it, of course you still have to mind and budget your funds so you can pay all the bills at home. So as this month, I really have to exert an effort to budget what I have because next month is holiday season and surely most of my time will be spend in the mall to buy some gifts for my love ones, ahh the life of a shopper!

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One Response to “Life Of A Shopper”

  1. For me, shopping is the best stress reliever!