50% Discount For Body Peeling

One of my sister’s customers in printing has a business and she wanted me to visit the place because I would surely get white since I am trying hard to get white nowadays. She did not tell me what kind of beauty enhance she is referring to, I have given her about galvanic facial spa and NU skin but she denied it. It is not about NU skin or galvanic gadget that you could find in the Internet for only P4, 000.00 compared to what was offered to us from our NU consultant.

Later, my sister revealed it to me since I really don’t like to go to the place yesterday because my car is still in the repair shop and that is a body peeling. She told me it is really effective so on and so. Her friend has an on-going 50% discount in her shop so instead of P30, 000 you would pay her for P15, 000 and I was like okay. Honestly, I really don’t have any plans to visit the place or to try their service, I mean P15, 000 is a lot to me but if you are into body peeling why don’t you try to visit the place. Just message me here so I can refer to you the address and the name of the business.

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