She Will Try Music This Time

My daughter wasn’t able to make to the DCAA, I mean she almost did it but she did not make it to the top 10. And since she still doesn’t want to stop her training, I would still send her but not everyday this time because we are planning to have her learn the guitar lesson this time. She is so excited about it though and she is now browsing on the Internet which guitar she would love to buy and she found the dean guitars guitar center, they have varieties of guitars. We found a guitar that looks like a rock star, there’s the basic type and some are very stylists. With all the guitars on the display, she could not pick twhat hat she want and she is confused because she loved them all. On the other hand, I guess she needs to concentrate on learning them yet; the music studio that we will go to has a spare guitar so maybe we will borrow from them first before we purchase one for her.

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