My Niece Would Like To Buy A Black Dress

My niece has been living with me since this summer, so all the expenses that she would incur from school to her personal stuff; I am the one who spends it for her. She just enrolled this second sem and I am glad that she passed all the grades on the previous sem and not only that, she even have a higher grades this time with all her subjects. I am so happy that she did it and I am looking forward for her to do good for the next SEM.

Right now, I am thinking to treat her for nail art or hair done but she said that it is better if I would buy her a new black dress. She was really begging because she will be attending an 18th birthday soon. And the theme of the birthday party is black, actually I really don’t get the black theme at all but I’ve seen so much of a theme black just this year on an 18th birthday. I think there were already few times that someone celebrated it in the clubhouse and they decorated the whole function hall black. Of course all the guests wore black dress as well. Oh well, maybe because of the vampire saga that’s where these themes came from. Anyway, since she has been doing well with all her grades, I would buy her a black dress maybe today or tomorrow.

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