Make Your Eye Stand Out

Whenever Mj has any special occasions and that she needed to put a make up, I will be the one to put the make up to her. I am not an expert but with my experience as career woman before and no one would I depend to put a make up on, I think I can do it and Mj could not do anything about it. LOL.

The first time I put a make up to her was when she joined a pageant contest when she was only a kindergarten yet. Her gown was blue so I put a blue shadow on her eyelashes to emphasize of whom she is portraying and for me, she portrayed the blue fairy or blue fairy or whatever you may call it. I know there is no blue princess; I just came up with it through my wild imagination.

Recently, my talent, (wehh?) was tested again. Mj was a princess witch in a costume party. I don’t have any idea what kind of color of eye shadow should I put on, good thing my niece was there to assist me. Anyway, I know some of you would like to know how to enhance your eye shadow. I have a tip here to make your eye stand out.

  • Eyebrows should always be proportioned to your face, so use a dark brown that’s what I am using or the medium brown to even out the brows.
  • Emphasize your lashes, you can start by lining the upper lid with a thick black liner or you can use the dark brown or medium brown and then put the false lashes. If you don’t have false lashes, you can put a thick coat of mascara.
  • Pick a combination of eye shadow that matches your skin tone. Warm shades of plum and violet for women with dark toned skin and cool blue toned for women who have a white skin.
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