I Want That Magic Mic And Hair Brush To Change My Hairstyle And Outfit

Like my daughters, I am also impressed with how Barbie dressed up and her hair and all of her. We just watched the Princess and the Pop star, it is the series of the Princess and the Pauper of Mark’s Twain. The only difference is the pauper this time is the pop star. Oh don’t get me wrong; they don’t have the same line of stories. Anyway, I will not talk about the movie this time but how the two dressed up. Of course the Princess would always wear ball gown, princess gown and the like but how I wish I have her hair brush so I could as well, magic my hair and change the hairstyle right away it is either from curl to straight or straight to curl, would that be so amazing?

The pop star also have a magic mic that she can just sway it and zoom her outfit would change in an instant and mind you those clothes and costumes that she wore in all her concerts were all fabulous. Okay, it is too impossible if we can have the magic brush or the magic mic to change both our hairstyles and outfit but I wish to have more extra money to shop and to spend for my hairstyle. It is probably a good feeling that when you shop to the fullest, you don’t have to mind your bills because you have enough funds for it. How I wish to have a limitless, spending free in just one day, sigh. But in the contrary, I know I can’t do that, the reality bites indeed because no matter what we do, the bills are always chasing us. So you must hear me saying this as well, can I have the magic mic or the magic hairbrush to answer my longing to have a magical hair and the fabulous outfit? LOL, just a fantasy dreamer here that I know it will never come true.

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