My Hairstylist

My daughter is the one who fixed her hair even before, I am just a bad hairstylist that’s why she doesn’t bug me anymore when she has to fix her hair. Recently, I was amazed because she knows how to braid hair; she even tried it to me. I know braiding hair is so easy but not for me, I could not just do it. So since she likes to style her hair or anyone’s hair, I showed her some of the tips to  style the hair by braiding or the one that says the Korean style. She said the braiding on the side seems easy but the Korean style, oh well she needs me to buy the donut accessory so she could make a hair donut bun. She told me she can try it, the procedure seems does not sweat at all but let’s see. I will have to buy that set first I hope I can find that accessory in the mall.

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