I Shopped Before And During My Birthday

These are the things that I just bought as a gift to myself on my birthday.

The sketchers sandal was out of plan, but when I spotted this one on the display just before my birthday, aside from it was a 10% off; I love the design at the back. It has a print of “Enchanted” with flowers on it. I was really felt enchant with this sandal and I know I must take it. My daughter keeps on telling me that she has something on my birthday so on that day, I have persisted her to buy that one for me. She did not agreed to me at first but I promised her to buy the camera that she want 2 weeks from that day so I was able to let her say yes. She paid my sandal with her savings, which I was very thankful of since I don’t have budget at that time yet.


My friend and I dropped by at the mall before we headed our dinner getaway on my birthday. I planned to get myself some new blouse, a treat for myself since I think I was being a good mom to my kids. LOL! So here are the blouses that I purchase on my birthday.


I love the color of this blouse, it is refreshing, and the color does not age me, oh well at least that is what I believe. I also love the style of the back because it does not show my flabby belly in front.


I have the same kind of this blouse last month and I just so love the fabric, it is so cool. The color that I have before was yellow so I choose the pink one now.

I am so thankful that GOD blessed me everyday of my life. I know sometimes I complain and I realized there’s nothing I complain of, I have the best life ever and my husband never failed to support us even he is miles away from us. Of course, I also wished for us to be together and I believe it would happen sooner or later. I am crossing my finger to it. I also would like to take this opportunity to thank my friends who are always there for me to cheer me up and Oh, how should I forget the frienimies and the haters, lol. I still have to thank them because without them my life has never been so spicy. Hahaha!

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