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My Daughter And I Dresses

My friend gave me a dress on my birthday last month. I was so surprised when she handed me a box containing  of this  dress below. I wore the dress during my daughter’s confirmation. And since we will be at church, I just put my blazers on so it would cover the sleeveless on top.


Mj has been bugging me to buy her a new dress for her confirmation day. I thought a white dress is required but she said that she can wear different kind of dress. After like long hours of deciding which one to wear finally she picked this dress in the picture below:


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He Lost His ATM During Black Friday Sale

My husband was so excited to call me on the phone so early in the morning, his time during the Black Friday Sale; he said that he has to go there early so he will not be caught up in a big crowd. My friend said that it is indeed crowded in the mall during Black Friday Sale; some buyers even sleep nearby at the mall so when it opens they can just fall in line and would rush inside to choose the best thing in life for those shoppers. Some women would even wrestle for one item.

T called me every now and then, he hopped into places, he told me that he was still not able to shop, and he just looked around. I said goodnight to him on his last call as Faith does not want to sleep without me on her side. The next morning, I was so excited to ask what did he shopped since it was already late that he was able to come home. He sighed in a moment and told me what happen to his ATM, he forgot about it in the machine when he withdraw some money only for lunch as he was planning to withdraw again later if he spotted something to buy. When he finally decided what to buy and ready to withdraw again, his ATM was lost.

Now, he is still waiting for his new ATM card to arrive, he told me that he expedited the processing  to get it on Monday but it still did not arrive.  He was not able to shop to himself on Black Friday Sale; he just said maybe if I am around he could shop without losing an ATM card at all.

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Jewelry That Helps My Health

When I go out I like to dress nicely and wear jewelry that accentuates what I wear.  I do not wear a lot of jewelry and I really prefer a simple basic design when I do, but it must also be attractive.  Magnetic or copper bracelets came to my attention recently.  I have heard that they are thought to have health benefits, plus they really suit the style of jewelry I like to wear.  I always say I am a simple woman, my husband will say there is no such thing as a simple woman, but I do like the way that copper and magnetic jewelry looks and the thought of helping my health really is attractive.

When I go out with my husband, and I wear a magnetic or copper bracelet, it not only makes me look good it makes me look and feel good.  They make good gifts for friends and family.  When we watch sports on television, I have seen athletes wear this type of jewelry.

Being healthy and looking good, who can beat that combination? I know that my husband likes the way I look, it makes me feel more loved and appreciated every time he tells me so.  The jewelry is an accent to my total appearance.

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Me And My Missing Points

I was a member to one of the malls here in the city and to be a member, you can avail a rewards card in which you can use for discounts, deals and some freebies. I’d been a member like 4 or 5 years now and I was already enjoyed the 50% discount from some selected items during their sale. And so, whenever I shop I would present this card so I can get some points too from shopping, the points are convertible to cash, thus I planned to use the points for my next shopping when it reaches like 1,000 points, which is P1,000.00.

Now this mall has a store branch nears our place. When I went there shopping for grocery one day, the cashier noticed that my card would expire on that day, she offered me to renew it in the store, I even asked her if that is even legible to the mall, their main branch she then told me yes. She even added me some information that my points will not be accumulated to the new card if I will not renew on that day.

One day, when I went shopping to the mall, my card did not register. I didn’t get any points on that day, I went to the customer service to complain about the card, they told me then that there was a big change in their policy and I should have renewed the card in the mall not in the store branch. Good thing, they still accommodate my card and I was advised to go back to the store branch and give the card back to them so it will be replaced.

The card was now replaced but when I inquire about my points it went back to zero as in nada! I already have complained about the missing points but to no avail, they still did not add my previous points. As I got too tired already, I just leave it as it is, next time I will renew my card then in the main branch.  So if you are a member in NCCC Rewards Cards and it is about to be expired, do not renew it in HB1 even they will offer because they seemed uninformed with the new policy otherwise you will end like me and my missing points.

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