New Dress From A Friend

Aside from the treat and the blouse that my friend Cheryl gave me, Joyce on the other hand surprised me with a nice dress. She gave me the nice dress on the day of my birthday, she said that we have the same dress; the only difference was the color because she got the pink one and mine was the yellow color. It has laces and it has mixed color of black. The dress is up to my knee. (I hope, lol)  I did not try the dress yet but I will for sure this coming Sunday. Cheryl was a friend of mine for 6 years already and Joyce is 3 years, yet these two never failed to show their sincerity and thoughtfulness of being a friend. I am just so lucky to have these two in my life.

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One Response to “New Dress From A Friend”

  1. Lermz Pascoe says:

    Lucky! How sweet the friends are..I bet you are sweet too …perteng Englisa jud nako dre sa comment 🙂