Fur Coat For Me

Being a girl, you know I want to look nice, it does not matter where I am or what I am doing, I want to look my best.  I have not experienced a real winter and I know I need to dress warmly, both in formal and for formal occasions.  That got me interested in looking for coats.  I am impressed by the numerous styles of fur coats for women.  I mean, there are some that are stunning.

I like the look of the fur and think it will be warm and make me look good.  I really like the way they look, with the fur lined hoods and trim will make me stand out in a crowd.  I am sure my husband will appreciate the way I look.  I just have to convince him that a fur coat is perfect for me, his perfect lady.

Well with winter approaching I need to think of how to breech the subject of a fur coat with him.  I will tell him of how stylish they are, how affordable they are and how good they make me look.  Do you think I can convince him?  I think I will really look good in a fur coat.  Don’t you think I deserve one?

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