3 Days Sale In SM

I just learned that the SM is having 3 days sale when we went there yesterday. My daughter was not feeling well on our way to her training, she said her head is aching and that she needs to eat noodles. I headed immediately to SM, parked my car and went off inside the mall. I just ordered beef noodles for my daughter when I noticed that the people goes on and off in Chowking, outside was jam pack with buyers, scrutinizing the bags that were on sale. Since we were in a hurry, when Mj was finished with her beef noodles we went out right away. On our way out, we noticed some blouses were also on sale, I just look with the styles and I spotted one, my smile was so wide when I asked how much was it, it is only below P 100.00, I was overwhelmed that I asked the cashier to punch it right away. I asked my daughter if she likes one, she said she doesn’t need anything, she told me, I just have to buy her the costumes and that camera she wanted and so I nodded my head.

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