YingFa Jumpsuit

My eldest had a competition this month and so I was looking for a new swimwear for her. But she doesn’t like the swimsuit but a jumpsuit. When I look at it in Speedo, it was too expensive so I gave it a time as I could not just buy the things that she want even we are already out of budget.

One day, my friend suggested where we could buy a jumpsuit, and definitely it is not a Speedo brand. My friend just bought it and hand it to us in the Clubhouse. It was so abrupt so I was not able to bring any money with me. I just told her I will have to pay for it the next day. For Speedo, the jumpsuit worth nearly P5, 000.00 but with Yingfa it is only P1, 780.00, the fabric is I guess as good as with Speedo and most of all, Mj loves it a lot. She used the blue jumpsuit immediately during the competition.

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