Sally Hansen For My Eyes

It is really tiring to drive especially when it is too hot. My car is not even tinted so it is easy for the rays of the sun to sting my eyes. The aircon works but since the car model is vintage, certainly the aircon does not cool as well when it gets too hot. My sister gave me a sunglass to protect my eyes when driving but since it is not original, she bought it only for P100.00 and was buy one take one of course expect it not to get it last.

Yesterday, after I had a nice lunch at my friend’s school, I went to the mall to grocery shop when I spotted some sunglasses at EO (Executive Optical) I planned to just buy the not so expensive sunglasses but good looking just like the old one. But the cheap sunglasses, the eye frames were so big, so I went around and tried to look some. I nearly gave up when the staff offered me Sally Hansen, she said it is branded and they offered it half the price. I love the frame; it is not that big and fits on me perfectly. So even though it was worth a thousand bucks, I just grabbed it besides I need to have a durable sunglasses nowadays as I said it is hard to drive when it is too hot.

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