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Sally Hansen For My Eyes

It is really tiring to drive especially when it is too hot. My car is not even tinted so it is easy for the rays of the sun to sting my eyes. The aircon works but since the car model is vintage, certainly the aircon does not cool as well when it gets too hot. My sister gave me a sunglass to protect my eyes when driving but since it is not original, she bought it only for P100.00 and was buy one take one of course expect it not to get it last.

Yesterday, after I had a nice lunch at my friend’s school, I went to the mall to grocery shop when I spotted some sunglasses at EO (Executive Optical) I planned to just buy the not so expensive sunglasses but good looking just like the old one. But the cheap sunglasses, the eye frames were so big, so I went around and tried to look some. I nearly gave up when the staff offered me Sally Hansen, she said it is branded and they offered it half the price. I love the frame; it is not that big and fits on me perfectly. So even though it was worth a thousand bucks, I just grabbed it besides I need to have a durable sunglasses nowadays as I said it is hard to drive when it is too hot.

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I Want To Try Another Brand

I love to sing that’s why my husband gave me a magic sing as his gift to me on our wedding. But it was too late to realize I need a new chip for it for new songs. The lady in charge told me I need to buy another upgraded magic sing so I can avail the new chips since there are no available chips for my magic sing anymore. Oh well, I was thinking instead of buying the latest model of my magic sing maybe I need to give another karoke brand a try. My friend used the other brand and she enjoyed it a lot but the feature is as the same as my magic sing, it is not that I don’t like it but it would be the same at all with magic if I would buy the same feature. I want something new, I want another thrill to try another feature and I want to at least hear myself to sing with a good voice. LOL!

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And I Shall Do It

I am already tired of my straight hair. I used to adore straight hair before so I do re-bonding every year but now I want a bouncy a little curly in the tip. And so I am planning to go to hair saloon to change my hair from straight to a curl. But I still don’t know what saloon is expert in curling hair, maybe I will have to try to make a canvass. Aside from changing my number as starting a new life, maybe a new look could also help me to make it completely get rid off those stressing yesterdays.

I had my first and last curly hair on my wedding, and I’d like to try it once again but I am confused whether it looks good on me or not but whether if its good to me or not, I must have to try the curly hair. And I shall do it!

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Massage Is The Great Way For Relaxing

I love massage that every month I always set to have an appointment for massage. And so I really want to try the Massothérapie Montréal that is if only I am within the area. I love massage because it relieves me from stress, I got to relax especially nowadays that my headache is turn on and off. I started to love massage when a friend invited me to a massage in a resort. I thought I could not like it but after I got a good massage, I was feeling so light and wonderful. I worked as a call center agent and working for a call center with all the irate customers, a massage is a requirement once in a month or twice in a month.

Honestly, ever since I have the first time experience for a massage, I already always looking forward for a good massage. I have tried a lot of massage parlor. I could not say anything against each company because I always get the best service. I think I could no longer go on in a month if I could not have a good whole body massage. What about you? Do you also often get to best the massage parlor for a relaxing massage? I am just too lucky maybe because my place is surrounded of a good massage parlor, I also have seen one newly put up massage parlor near at home. I would maybe try that one too.

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