Riding Horses Is Tough

I found women who are into riding horses truly amazing, it feels like they are so tough to handle horses and keep them running without stumbling down at all. It was my dream before to at least know how to ride horses but I am just too afraid and maybe I am not determined enough to learn. My first ride was when we went to a park where you could see some horses and ride with them; you just have to pay a minimum amount for the rental fee. I actually just rode that horse for picture taking no more, no less. But it could have been nicer if I wore a riding pants so to indulge the moments of myself riding a horse but we did not mind the attire at all since we really did not planned to ride a horse and have our picture taken. I still have that picture until now and whenever I look at the picture, it drew me back to my dream for that kind of sport or at least learn through it would be an ultimate dream come true.

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