She Should Have Gone With Me To Buy That Shoes

When my niece tried the combat shoes last week, she told me that the 6 size is fitted on her. But even though she already tried one of the shoes on the display, I still told her to come with me on the day I would purchase it for her so to make sure I got the right combat shoes for her.

The next Saturday, I asked her Mom where she was so we can buy the combat shoes; her mom told me she has to report at school for some errands. I postponed the buying of her combat shoes again, until I could no longer wait for her at all, so I went to the military store alone and right away I picked the size 6. I went home immediately to send it to her Mom before I would fetch Mj otherwise I could not catch her up since Mj and I would be home late.

The next day, she brought the combat shoes again and informed me it did not fit to her, she said it was loose. I was irritated a bit; I told her she should have gone with me so there will be no returning of the items. I mean it was really a hassle on my side because I am too darn busy! My sister volunteered me then that she will be the one to go to the store to return the item and exchange it with the right size. Good thing, she mentioned that otherwise I will have to drag myself to the store; it won’t only be a waste of time but a waste of Gas as well.

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One Response to “She Should Have Gone With Me To Buy That Shoes”

  1. Phioxee says:

    shoe sizes are really unpredictable.accordingly, our feet are much bigger in the afternoon ;-D

    just me,