Ink Toner For All Of Us

Printer is a need for every student, or at least that is what I observed of since my daughter is always asking for it when I haven’t bought one for us yet. But of course, before buying a printer we should make a canvass first what brand we have to purchase and which model we’ve got to choose. When I bought my printer, first thing that came up into my mind is HP, why HP? It is because they already have proven their worth, the durability of the product itself and the quality of the print, since then I always want to have an HP printer.

The Laserjet 4L toner that is compatible for HP LaserJet 4L toner cartridge is one of the best ink toner of HP. Everyone has recommended this kind of toner and no one ever complained with the result of the print, this is 100% guaranteed that it only produced quality and fine print. Oh well, as long as you have the HP printer with all its accessories I am sure your students will be happy to submit their term papers, feasibility studies and project.

This really helped my students a lot, my eldest daughter and my niece who is already in college give me a thumbs up when I purchase our printer although I didn’t bought yet the HP laser, the one I bought is the HP 2060 for my students here but soon if things gets right I probably buy the laser.

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9 Responses to “Ink Toner For All Of Us”

  1. Franc Ramon says:

    A student’s life is full of reports and assignments so a printer is a necessity so it would be good to have a high quality printer like hp and a supply of ink toner.

  2. Mai Flores says:

    Speaking of HP, mine just arrived from the US. It’s a Deskjet 3050. It’s actually a freebie from one of the laptops I bought. It also boasts of a wireless connection, so I’ve yet to try it. 🙂

  3. claire says:

    that is really true, computers and printers are needed for the students projects, assignments and research stuff. I have a continuous ink in the house for my own use and I would say that it is really convenient to have one instead of going in the net cafes.

  4. ralph says:

    it’s very convenient indeed to have a printer at home…inks, though, are quite expensive. we need to choose inks which are economical yet with good quality.Yahweh bless

  5. Laserjets has been the kind of printer my office is using. It’s been almost 15 years, so to speak.

  6. Our old printer was an Epson one, although it prints really well, I was always annoyed by the noise it makes when printing.. Haha.. Now our new printer is from HP too and I’m loving it. Hope to get a laser one too in the near future.

  7. Rossel says:

    Our old printer (dot matrix) got broken after almost 10 years of servicing us and my husband is planning to buy HP Laserjet. I’m afraid though that inks are quite expensive.

  8. Marie says:

    We also have laserjets at home but we didn’t throw away the inkjet, it’s still useful!

  9. marri says:

    My husband just bought Hp 2060 recently as well and it’s indeed very useful for my kids in doing their projects. I have a second year high school and a first year college students. They don’t have to go out and have their works printed in computer shops.