White Tipped For Modern Nails

Nail arts are so trendy nowadays, I had my first nail art at Montora. It was when my friend convinced me for a pricey nail done. LOL!, Anyway it is worth,a try though because I always want to go there now if the budget is right and have my nail arts done. Recently, after I finish my appointment with my dentist, I went to their shop immediately since it was just near where the clinic of my dentist is situated. Now I am enjoying my leaves design nail art, ahhh women.

So when you are just at home and you don’t have a chance to go out, oh well you can try putting up a French twist on your nails! This is a nail art but I am sure you can still enjoy this French manicure.

First, you mix up the color of your choice but make sure they are fairly matched for instance black and white or black or white and red.

Second, add a surprise stripe, if you have a nail art pen that’s more like it. You can really enhance the color by contrasting color to the white tip, for me blue looks great.

Third, do a bigger stripe, paint your nail to a light color, have it dry. Cover half with scotch tape and paint again with a dark color.

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