Better Options

I sent my eldest to the hospital just after their training for a possible appendicitis; it was also the night before their competition. I was terrified when the doctor of a certain hospital said she needs to undergo an operation. Since the hospital that we went to is not the assigned hospital of Mj’s pediatrician, I have to transfer her where her Pediatrician is available. That night, I was afraid and worried, just the thought of having her operated might caused me to collapse in an instant. One thing I wanted her to transfer immediately is that they are not fully equipped with current technology; they don’t even have medical carts for their computers. I should have told them of the medical carts at before I left, so they have better options if they could not afford it in cash. Oh well, anyway so that night, my friend drove us down to the other hospital, her Doctor visited her immediately and he diagnosed her of UTI and not appendicitis, so there will be no operation but a proper rest and medication. Mj did not swim for a week so the UTI will not complicate her.

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