Costume Shopping Again

If we don’t plan our budget, certainly we will be left empty-handed. The other day, I shopped for my daughter’s costumes that would be use the next day. And on Saturday, I will be shopping for my youngest; she has to buy black shoes for her dance at school this coming 14th, tights and some accessories. You see if I bought them their costume at the same time, I would also ran out of money at the same time, not to mention I have to pay my dentist as she suggested to pay her installment basis.

I surely will not going to buy the little princess brand of shoes at all, the leather of that brand would easily peel off, I just bought one pair of shoes last month and now it doesn’t look good at all to the fact I bought it for almost P1, 000.00 so if I were you do not look for little princess or else you will just feel sorry at the end.ou will just feel sorry at the end.

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