We Shopped For My Daughter’s Costume Today

I went to the dentist today and since she suggested a fixed bridge, suddenly I don’t have money at all. And so we were budgeting so tightly when my daughter has to purchase some accessories for her costume tomorrow. They are going to have the “Buwanang Wika” tomorrow and as usual, she won’t let me attend the event, she said she could manage it already. Sigh, why everything is so fast nowadays.

So I bought her a “Malong”, hair net, some clips, and a black T-shirt. She supposed to have a malong already but I didn’t know that when my sister borrowed our malong, she sent it to a seamstress and made it a costume to her son. She did not even asked if it was okay with us, I just knew it after their program at school. So we end up buying another malong for Jm.

On the other note, thank GOD that the money I have on my wallet been enough to buy that stuff. I was worried though, I might have called my husband for a rescue but nope I didn’t so he was not disturbed on his sleep.

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One Response to “We Shopped For My Daughter’s Costume Today”

  1. that’s a good thing sis, Keep up πŸ˜‰