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Her New Trendy Blouse

My daughter bought a blouse recently out of the money that she saved for a while now. And when she will buy for her stuff, expect for a longer of time of deciding which style she would love to have.

After like an hour of contemplating what to buy, finally she was able to decide and here’s the trendy blouse as she said that she picked up.


This is the outer hang blouse of the sleeveless inside.


This is the sleeveless I am talking about, this will wear inside of the white blouse above.

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To Seek Traffic Lawyers

If you have ever been on I-95 between Washington, DC and Petersburg, Virginia, you will have seen plenty of police cars on the road. My husband once told me that if the Virginia State Police had quotas on the number of speeding tickets that they gave out, they could just camp out between Washington and Fredericksburg and get their quota of out of state speeders in two or three days.

My husband’s family lives in Florida and when we go to visit, we will take I-95 from north of Richmond, all the way to Jacksonville in Florida. A long drive and sometimes he does exceed the speed limit. It’s not advisable to go excessively fast, it is very dangerous, but it is important to go with the flow of traffic.

Taking I-95 it’s about 90 miles from Washington to Richmond. My husband is lucky in that he has not been caught speeding on I-95, however, he has been caught on U.S. Route 1 which also runs from Washington to through Richmond and on to Petersburg. Well if you are caught speeding or live in the Richmond area, or you get any other kind of traffic ticket, you might want to find some good traffic ticket lawyers in Chesterfield County, VA.

My husband is a pretty good driver and so am I. It has been a while since either of us have had a traffic violation but if we do, we will seek out somebody like Chucker Reibach to help us with our traffic tickets. I am a defensive driver and do my best to obey the rules and watch out for other drivers, but no matter how skilled at driving we are, we all make mistakes from time to time. Sometimes my kids will distract me and sometimes I just miss a stop sign or red light. So if you do receive a traffic citation you can get a good lawyer to help you out.

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