Too Lazy To Go To The Mall

I supposed to go out yesterday to buy my whitening pill and some vitamins but geez the laziness got me, I went out later instead to fetch my daughter. I need to send her to her Kumon to do her session, then I have my car wash because I could not take anymore the dust that is whirling inside not to mention I have my aircon on when I drive.

After the car wash, I went back to Kumon again to fetch her and sent her to the pool. I am being too lazy to go to the mall, I really don’t know why; I am just tired of roaming around, buying things and all that. Inasmuch as I wanted to stay home, I just need to go out to do Mom duties but sad to say I can get to run my errands, too tired and too lazy.

Here’s I need to buy yet:

Rubber for Jm for her training – Geez, I had been planning to buy that two months already, but I can’t just get on my feet to go to that mall, aside from it is too far, it is too big and too tempting because there are many boutiques and stores wanted you to buy their products.

Vitamins for F – It has been days that she doesn’t have the food supplement vitamins and when I go out I keep on forgetting that thing.

Vitamins for me – Oh no! It has been days also that I didn’t take any vitamins because as usual I forgot to buy it.

Shoes, Blouse etc… etc- Lol, it is just on my mind, I know it is not necessary at all at this moment but who knows I will get some extra and there’s a sale in a particular mall so why should I slipped that away.

Anyway, just a thought….

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One Response to “Too Lazy To Go To The Mall”

  1. Alex says:

    It’s better to stay at home… you can save more :))