The Whitening Pill Helps Me Glow

I don’t usually buy a whitening pill, but with my friend convincing power I was able to buy cosmo skin pills. The Cosmo Skin is a whitening pill; I just tried it out curiosity as my friend told me it makes me glow. The Vitamin C would it take in the morning and the Vitamin E, with an ingredient of grape seed will be taking in the evening before bedtime. It has 30 pieces of pills each bottle so you could take it for one month.

The only problem with the pill is, for the two bottles, you will be spending P 1,100.00, which is not okay with my pocket. It has been a month also that I have my last pill but I just can’t buy it because I have something to prioritize first. But I tell you it is very effective, it really gives me something glow. It lightened my skin a little at least and even though of its price, I would really purchase one set again. I hope tomorrow I can buy the set, I want a glowing skin again, I know my husband is not here, but isn’t it nice to feel like you are blooming because of yourself and not for someone else. Do we really need someone for us to be inspired to look good? I guess not, so tomorrow I’ll be buying the one set.

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