Two Famous Store Online

I really don’t shop online because it is hard for me to determine the size if I only look at it in the picture that is uploaded by some sellers. I don’t want to be sorry after I buy a certain item.

My friend is starting to love to shop online, our belly dancing shoes; her fiancée bought that one online, in e-bay to be exact. She keeps on telling me though to try it. Oh well I have tried shopping online and that was only when I bought my husband a wallet. I purchased the wallet at Amazon.

I am not sure though but these two are the biggest store online, they have lots of items they offered to those shoppers. I heard when you shop in Amazon you will get certificate or voucher or points that you can use in the future for a certain time. That is a good deal, right?, My friend in Texas was able to buy a kindle tablet for her brother without spending any because of her points. I didn’t know what kindle is, I thought it was only some sort of an item but geez it was a gadget and if you buy it in here, I am sure it would cost too much.

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