Goodbye Pink, Hello Yellow

I guess it was just last month that I bought a pink hand bag, my previous one was distorted already, the zipper won’t locked anymore so I decided to buy a new one. I had a good deal with that though because I was able to get a discount because of my Reward Card from them. And the other day, when my friend and I went to the mall to watch a movie, we noticed some bags that were on sale. For the bag, I spotted, it was only P399.00, oh well that is affordable compared to a thousand right? So since the interior of my bag was kind a ripped already, I decided to buy another new one again, this time the type of bag that I spotted is kind a weekend bag because of its size. It was not wise I know since I just bought a bag the other month, but geez can’t you be tempted? I mean its Kadayawan everything is on sale! LOL!

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