Yesterday, I dropped by at the repair shop to send the parts of my car that my mechanic needs so the park light will work out. He installed it perfectly that I was able to use my car immediately but when I drove, the steering wheel was a bit dusty and my gear too. And what makes it worst is that the seat belt was also dusty that it marked my shirt. I had to go to the mall to meet my friend and I had some marks on my shirt in which I needed to buy an extra shirt for me, yes I bought a new blouse again. It has a nice color, a combination of orange and blue, the color makes me glow. I know I am on a tight budget because it is still the first week of August and when it is the first week of the month, it is my schedule to pay the rent and KUMON tuition fees and I just paid the tuition fee of my youngest daughter but I needed to buy a new blouse in replace of the shirt that I wore yesterday. The blouse is not good if you wash it in a washing machine, you need to hand wash it, in order to live long last.

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