Learned My Lesson

I learned my lesson I should not buy anything out of friendship or because you just want her to be happy because you buy her stuff, it should be you buy that item because you know that it fits or you like the style. I am always the victim of not following my instinct.

It was almost March when my sister offered me a school shoes for F, she said one of the parents offered it to her to tell me to buy it. I know the shoes are small already but at that time, it was still fit for my youngest. My sister seems sound so convincing when she told me it is made from abroad and she is sure that it is durable. I was really doubtful to buy it because of the size, but since she is a friend of my sister I bought it.

And since the school started, my youngest is wearing it everyday but whenever she wears it she would complain that the shoes really hurt her. She said it is too small, now I am again planning to buy her a pair of shoes. I wasted my money for it hoping she could wear the shoes the whole school year, the shoes are still intact but because F is not comfortable with it anymore, I will have to buy her a new pair, sigh!

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